This tutorial's info is divided up into chapters below. If this is your first time looking at the tutorial, we recommend that you go straight through following the links provided. Otherwise, you may use this as a reference guide if you forget how to do one thing or another. At any time, if you need to get back to this page, you may use the PARTICIPANT link at the bottom of each page.

One more note: Probably the easiest way to use this tutorial is to work with it and COW simultaneously, in two separate windows. If you'd like you can click here to open up a new navigator window pointed to the COW welcome page.

The Menu

What's it all about? Setting Up
Looking at a Conference Looking at a Topic
Reading Messages Writing Messages
Useful HTML Commands The COW Cheatsheet

The COW administrators have created a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. If you are experiencing any problems with COW, your best bet is to check out this page first. It also includes info on what features are in development for future versions of COW.

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